12 Red-Card Soccer (Futbol) Fight…

brazil soccer fight, 12 red cards
[Warning: You just passed the best part of this post]

BRIGAS,EXPULSÕES e FIM de JOGO por FALTA de JOGADORES(Bom Dia Brasil 11/06/12)

Outside of “Brasil” and the date, I have no idea what the above line means, but it was part of the YouTube explanation. Figured it’s important for the Portuguese Hound readers, which if my analytics are correct numbers something like .6 of a Portuguese or Brazilian person.

Here’s the big brawl. It’s pretty much what you’d expect from the toughest characters sports has to offer. A lot of flailing, running away, kicking, and some fake injuries…

12 red cards and 3 people touched. This is the pussiest fight I’ve seen since tomorrow’s soccer fight.

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