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Keith Olbermann Let Go; Chances Are Thinning That He Joins “The Hound”

TMZ – Keith Olbermann wanted out of Current TV well before he was fired yesterday because he felt the network was mismanaged and wouldn’t be around much longer … sources close to Keith tell TMZ. As TMZ first reported, Keith more »

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Week 2 of the Steak Dinner/Cheese Dick Challenge

Zim (1-1): After a 1-1 start, I’ve been screaming at myself all week, “Zim, you are better than this.” So, this week I promise to do better. Let’s start early today with a little hockey. First bet of the day more »

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Final Four Weekend: Here’s Your Test, Hope You Studied.

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It’s March 30th And You Know What That Means. Hang You’re Stockings, It’s “National Cleavage Day”.

Huffington Post – What’s National Cleavage Day? It depends who you ask. The Sun describes it as a holiday to “celebrate women’s independence and power in their careers and relationships.” Celebs like Kim Kardashian reportedly celebrate it, according to OK! more »

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It’s Double Worse Than I Thought. Cats Are Actually Sith Lords.

Cats, always dealing in absolutes. It’s about them, or it’s about them. Independent bastards. You’re no jedi.

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I Just Got Rosetta Stone for JavaScript. Now I Can Hold a Conversation With Anyone That’s Important.

What’s the hot new language to learn? Spanish? Swahihi? Mandarin? Nope. It’s computer code. That’s what is all the rage. Once upon a time (4 minutes ago) you would learn a new foreign language to broaden your horizons and make more »

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