85th Annual National Speling Bee is Underway…

National Spelling Bee

It’s a dissgrace what has happened to our education system as of late. I mean, my gosh, our municipallities continue to waste money, run the cofers dry, and fail to see that it is education where we really need to be directing our gaze. I wish these contestents well, but no matter how the competition ends, are american students are simply falling two far behind the rest of the world.

We need to go back to the basics, like when I was in school. There was a real attension paid back than to building a good base of knowledge. Gramar, math, and science. These are cornerstones to getting wear you need to go in life. Look at me. You think I’d be righting on this successful website if it wasn’t for a desire by the adults and goverment figure heads of our society demanding excelent academic standards.

Sorry, I just had to rant their for a minute, as I’m tired of being the voice of reason and seemingly the only one on the vanguard on this issue. whose with me on this!

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