Are You Playing ‘Ruzzle’?


First it was ‘Words With Friends’, then it was ‘Scramble’, but now even Scramble is so six minutes ago. It’s all about ‘Ruzzle’. If you’re not playing Ruzzle you’re stupid and dumb. Yep, both.

“Why Ruzzle” you ask, since it is so similar to Scramble? Well, a few things. First, you don’t have to wait for the stupid coins in order to continue to play free of charge, which drives many crazy in regard to Zynga’s version of the game. Second, it’s a purer version of the game, and presents a more even playing field given it doesn’t have the add-on features like that of ‘freeze’ and ‘vision’ (which are available in Scramble). With Ruzzle you know going into each game that your opponent is working off the same parameters as you are, whereas with Scramble one could be theoretically using add-on “helps” that others are not (creating unforeseen advantages). Finally, and maybe most importantly (to me at least) is it offers statistics and a ranking feature. The one thing I always wanted while playing Scramble was some sort of stat tracking, which Ruzzle has implemented. It’s certainly not as dynamic as someone like myself would like, but hey, I’ll take it, and I think they’ll augment the statistical offerings in the future. It should be noted that the premium version (which offers the aforementioned statistics) is a one-time $2.99 charge. $2.99 was like 15 minutes worth of action at the arcade when I was a kid, so this is a no-brainer. Well worth the cost for my amusement. Plus, if you factor in inflation (just doing some back of the cocktail napkin projections), I think that $2.99 in the 80′s is like $289,013.16 in today’s dollars (give or take $289,010).

Ruzzle also appears by most metrics to have many more players than that of Scramble, and with the ranking system used by MAG Interactive (creators of the game) you are matched up incredibly well with players of equivalent skill level.

If you happen to be a reader of the Reverie Hound and a player of Ruzzle (which the odds are about 1 in 10 million that you’re both), then come challenge the Hound to a game.

My User ID on Ruzzle: ReverieHound

I’ll be waiting…

whats a good score in Ruzzle

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