Blonde Girl Explains Miles Per Hour (MPH)…

So, apparently these two were on their way to Boise when this was shot. Shocker. She’ll fit right in.

I’ve broken down her equation into an abridged version. “If I run a mile in like 9 minutes, and that’s if I’m out of shape. I’m probably going 10 miles per hour, and that’s pretty fast for a human. But you need to whack 80 in half, and that’s like 40. But some tires don’t go around as fast as others, and trucks are heavier…Plus, the car might be a stick or automatic? Then it figures that that equals something like…I’m 3 cells short of being a hedgehog.”

I love how in the middle of the video she blurts out “MPH” when he says, “think miles per hour”. She is very proud to know the acronym.

Idaho School District’s Protocol:

1) Announce Concept
2) Give Acronym Associated W/ Concept
3) Hope Concept Is Explained Later In Life

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