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How to Buy a Bitcoin…

buy a bitcoin


Want to buy a Bitcoin? Want to buy MANY Bitcoins? Want to tell all your friends down the road that you had the foresight and wisdom to get involved with the entity that changed how the world handles transactions? Well, buying the ethereal currency is really quite easy.

First, find, steal, and/or earn something that is (or resembles) a recognized tenderable paper or coin. For example, head to your local dry cleaners and say, “I’d like all of your money”. These words ought to be uttered all while firmly holding your arm bent and hidden behind your open coat. This prior exercise of obtaining monies could be substituted by entering your local bank (whereby you have a savings and/or checking account), and withdrawing funds.

Now, with said monies in hand, proceed to a nearby jewelry-like, collectible store. A pseudo pawn shop if you will. One that dons very thick glass, has bars on the windows, and more times than not will require someone to ‘buzz’ you in. Once allowed to enter you will need to ask the attendant for available inventory that they have within the realm of 1 oz. gold coins. Make sure to sound and look like you know what the hell you’re talking about. This will aid in procuring the precious metal at a price not too outrageously over spot.

It may be a touch daunting at first, but really there’s nothing too it. Just keep it simple and pick the coins with great purity, and that concurrently don’t garner a sky-high premium. And like any good portfolio you’ll want to diversify. Accumulate some Maple Leafs, some Eagles, and throw in some Pamp Suisse (this way you have some non-government issues).

That’s it, you did it. You now have the asset that truly cannot be created, printed, issued, nor destroyed. The Cosmos’ currency.

See, the Bitcoin will most certainly have it’s day in the sun. Boy, will it have it’s day. But when it’s all said and done, and I mean really all said and done, one must remember that the evolved Hominin is above all else; a sensual being. And because of that, anything and everything that is virtual will always take a backseat to that which can be held.

how to buy bitcoins

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Is This Chicago’s Hottest New Band?…

strongest swimmers band, chicago

You bet your sweet balls it is, and if you haven’t heard of them, well, you just don’t know much about music. You probably don’t know anything about sex, drugs, long-term care insurance, rainbows, 11-team parlays, or anything else worthwhile for that matter.

It was just a few weeks ago that I became aware of this band, and yes, I was late to the party as usual. I was doin’ my thing one day, you know, just sittin’ around listening to Supertramp and playing Final Fantasy when my Grandma came down to my room in the basement. She’s like, “You heard of these friggin’ assholes?” As the second syllable came off her wrinkled tongue she was already midway through tossing an old 45 rpm record at me. Damn near sliced open my lotion bottle. Couldn’t believe she threw it that hard.

Anyway, I don’t know why the Strongest Swimmers are peddling 45′s, but the shit rocks, and it rocks hard. The band’s apparently pretty stealthy about the venues they play at. Real low-key like, you know, old school. But here’s the thing. I’ve got a source, and he’s pretty good. Like, conquer Zelda in an hour good, so trust me on this shit. The SS (that’s what I call ‘em) will be playing the Elbo Room again for an encore performance. February 22nd! So, get down there to see this, cause they’re gonna kick the crap out of you with their ‘face-melting rock’, and stomp on your pussy soul. Yeah, that’s right, you’ll be dead, but you’ll go out right. Rockin’ to shit you’ve never heard before….

strongest swimmers, elbo room, chicago band

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Brule’s Rules

Brules rules video


“Just be happy with your vajenna”

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‘The Berlin Wall, Years Later’

the berlin wall years later

The Hound had a chance to traverse Europe this Spring, and out of the many sites that were seen along the way on that trip, the remaining sections of the Berlin Wall may have made the most impact on me…..Great photos above of the Wall (and, no Wall). An immediate ‘Choice Cut’, and definitely one of my favs in recent memory from the Interweb.


the berlin wall years later

The Hound at the Wall, May 13th, 2012.

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‘Bugasalt’: This year’s Christmas present. For the whole family…


Does PETA deal in the fly arena?

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A Conversation With My 12 Year-Old Self: 20th Anniversary Edition

conversation with myself


Jeremiah McDonald (of, ‘tell me to draw something’), set out in 1992 to interview his older self. 20 years later it is time to have the conversation.


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