Does This Look Like the Picture of the United State’s Finest Olympian?

No, this isn’t Nick Mangold, the New York Jet’s All-Pro Center. It’s his sister. And, no, you can’t date her. She’s taken. And by taken, I mean, apparently everyone from Bogota to Bucharest is trying to take Holley Mangold to the movies. And by take her to the movies, I mean….well, I’ll keep it clean. The little helpers are here next to me eating their treats, and they don’t like that talk.

Deadspin – Patriarch Vern Mangold, explains, people actually care about women’s weightlifting, unlike American football:

“As I travel around the world and talk to people who know about athletics, nobody knows about American football outside of the main countries,” Vern said. “But they know weightlifting all over the world.

“Holley was a rock star in Colombia. She had Russian guys following her all around Romania. And if you do well in the Olympics, well, that (acclaim) is international.”

Really, Vern? Russian guys were chasing her everywhere? This poor Dad. The girl has obviously been left at the movies, ignored for prom, and now he has to make up international super stories to project his daughter is getting laid. Come on Vern, we aren’t falling for it. However, the guy in the picture is clearly checking out her ass while she does the lunges, so maybe ol’ Vern is on to something….the guy isn’t even from Romania. And, Holley, I put a tag on this story as “Athlete” for the archives. You’re welcome.

This kid can be in my foxhole anyday. Love how’s crying for Mom like .0002 seconds after he destroys the tank.

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