Egyptian Candid Camera Show Exposes Some Real Pent Up Hate and Anger…

An egyptian television shows tricks some prominent Egyptians into thinking that the interview they are taking part in is being aired on an Israeli television network. The reactions by the interviewees to this prospect suggest there is some very real, unbridled, and pent up rancor toward the Jewish peoples and their dispositions. I guess it’s no surprise the raw and latent anger is there, but it’s still shocking to see some of the reactions to what would seem to be a trivial aspect. Clearly, it’s not trivial to the Egyptians. Interesting how some define, “patriotism”.


Here’s your thirteen cent and unoriginal comment for the day. This type of anger and hate doesn’t just go away on it’s own, and certainly doesn’t end with some semi-humorous clip on a candid camera show….

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