Florida Man Shoots Would-Be Robbers in Ocala

(YouTube) – Authorities in central Florida say two men were trying to rob an Internet cafe when a 71-year-old patron began shooting his own gun, wounding the suspects. (July 18)


I think we can all safely assume that was the only productive thing that senior citizen was possibly going to do at an Internet Cafe in Ocala.

On a side note. I can almost hear the gun debate getting louder as I type.

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  1. brenda batterton clark says:

    ageism again Hound? Do you ever learn new tricks?

    And why shouldn’t it grow louder. NRA one of the strongest lobbies in DC, which makes us a laughing stock in much of the civilized world and a mockery of the 2nd amendment. Assault weapons for the public – really? WHY? At the Rep. convention water guns are illegal but weapons of destruction are legal? Clever!

    • The Hound says:

      With respect to your ageism issue…keep your shorts on, farmer. It was 98% more about an indictment on what could be going on in an Internet cafe in Ocala.

      Okay, now on to more important topics. Are you out of metacmucil?

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