For When You’re Sitting Around the Dinner Table With the Family Tonight…

Remember when you’d gather around the feast that was family dinner, and everyone would take turns telling the other members what they learned that day? Invariably the answer was always, “Nothing, I didn’t learn anything at school today.” Yeah, yeah, I know that never happened. The last time everyone sat down at 6pm sharp for a family dinner to talk about their day was likely 1958…But, here’s something you can share that you learned today with whoever you’re with tonight (be it family, friend, hooker, or otherwise).

Women’s basketball doesn’t have a 10-second rule for getting to half court. Isn’t that something? There, you learned something today. Share away with your loved ones and mistresses. If you actually knew that fact you get no credit whatsoever. In fact, I think less of you as a person, as you clearly mistakenly watched some Pat Summit tribute or random woman’s biography, which is the only reasonable explanation for stumbling upon that information. My excuse is driving five and a half hours in the car today to drive my parents to Chicago, and AM 1000 gave me that tidbit.

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