Geraldo Gets Text From Kris Jenner; Blames Hoodie for Trayvon Martin’s Death.

This video is going around like crazy. At first I figured it was some out of context sound bite, but it is actually Geraldo basically saying the hoodie was about 96% responsible for Trayvon Martin’s death. I love how he throws in the thick accent at points to reassure everyone that he’s got his Latino card in his pocket, and he knows the streets. Look, there’s no question that there’s profiling, racism, etc. Anyone that denies that is naive, blind, and whatever. There just is. Just like every time I see a cat, I think to myself (sometimes out loud in shrieks), this thing might kill me right now!

The more I think about it this looks a lot like a Kardashian bit. I mean how much have you heard from Geraldo lately? Zero, right? Forgot the nose-punched guy still existed. Well, Kris Jenner just texted him and said, “Blame the whole thing on a sweatshirt.” Mission accomplished, Miss Jenner. Well played. Every crappy blogger this side of the Mississippi is writing about this idiotic stance. I fell for it…hook, line, and sinker.

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