Gotta Admit…Probably a No-Brainer and Inevitable

It’s supposedly “America’s pastime”, but in reality it has simply been passed (over time) by the NFL. How many people don’t watch baseball cause it’s like watching paint dry? As much as it always seems like a good idea at the time, I can’t tell you how many games at Wrigley I’ve gone to that I ultimately ended up watching the end of it at home. Sometimes the weather, sometimes I’m blacked out, whatever, the point is I can hardly sit through a whole game. Normally I can just bet my way to a good time, but geez, baseball makes it difficult.

Enter the Phillies and the implementation of Hooters…There will be those that say it tarnishes the sanctity of the game, and I get that, and all things being equal I probably agree with that. But, what’s the difference. NFL has accountants, lawyers, and career women come in and dress all scandalous and slutty on Sundays, and we call them cheerleaders. Either way, I’m kinda surprised in this media/PR/desensitized society that this already hasn’t been done by most of the minor and major league clubs out there. This is somewhat inevitable the way I see it, as it’s just how are society is nowadays. The Club will get paid by Hooters (or whoever) for PR, and in theory the male dominated fan base is happier at the game. As Too Short always said, “Sex sells, that’s why I keep pimpin’.”

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