Gym, Tan, AA….”The Situation” in Rehab For Alcohol and Prescription Meds Problem

I don’t watch Jersey Shore. Normally I’d rant on how do the masses watch this stuff, and why is reality TV taking over the planet, but I won’t. I get it. It’s like watching a massive car accident. I’ve seen enough footage of the tans and abs to see why it gets America’s viewership. But, I’ll tell you what. If the ol’ “Sitch” is on the wagon in Utah, guess what show’s next season is DOA? Cause you know what’s worse than the Jersey Shore? Sober Jersey Shore.

Cue up the lame ass PSA’s on MTV on how not drinking in moderation is a serious problem. Because they certainly didn’t support this behavior. I have no problem with the shows. Business is business. But then don’t play the shit off like you had no idea there were problems, teens were getting pregnant, and that a third grader sold me crystal meth yesterday.

Reality TV is funny and ironic to me. There isn’t one reality show out there that has any semblance to my “real” life…except maybe “Dog Poop Hoarders”.

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