Hypothetical Question of the Day by Jay Abbondanza – West vs Warhol

Would you wipe Andy Warhol in exchange for more Kanye West?

The reason that I connect these two is because of how much is made about Kanye’s personality. It’s hardly a controversial statement to say that he’s experienced a few gaffs from a P.R. standpoint. My feeling has always been that true artists can be real assholes. When so much of your energy is focused on a certain type of brilliance, it would stand to reason that other aspects of your personality would suffer. So when Kanye interrupts Tayor Swift or calmly and without irony explains to Ellen that he replaced his bottom teeth with diamonds it is my opinion that this is excusable because My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy came from that same brain.

Basically, what I’m saying is that Andy Warhol was probably a real asshole too, but he wasn’t on the VMA’s.

Kanye stops right where he is, there will be no more out of Kanye West and G.O.O.D. Music unless you make the call to wipe Andy Warhol and his work from existence. No matter what you choose, the world will still get to keep everything that Kanye has already brought into the world, but if you choose to allow Warhol and his catalog to populate MOMA’s and t-shirts the world over Kanye will stop where he is right now. We will never get the Kardashian break up album, we’ll never see the eventual Vogue spread, no more mesmerizing VMA performances, and worst of all we will not get to see the evolution of perhaps the most innovative hip hop artist of all time.

Like most of my questions this one is pretty top heavy with positives. I have difficulty coming up with reasons why we wouldn’t get rid of Warhol’s memory anyway. When you threaten to take away Kanye West from the world the decision becomes as simple as seconds at Thanksgiving. Removing Warhol and his influence means less hero worship of the 60’s and 70’s. Fewer former cocaine addicts on documentaries waxing nostalgic about times when they were allowed to have fun doing cocaine. Telling us all how Warhol changed things and held up a mirror to our society when in reality, everything is awesome and more important when you’re under the influence.

Would anyone really be sad if we never saw Marilyn Monroe in many different colors ever again? What about all of the Warhol parodies? I’m not made of stone. I laughed when I first saw Fred Flinstone in a Warhol-esque pose, but the path to hilarity has been overgrown and impassable for years now. Paintings of soup cans are as tired as the Geico caveman commercials.

I’m not sure if there’s ever been anyone like Kanye West. He is a paradox. His sensibilities are as ambitious as they are accessible. He will tout the benefits of excess while lamenting the societal circumstances and personal flaws that encourage the behavior. He is as self-aware as an artist can be, but he still acts impulsively and without irony. Being denied the growth of this artist is not a sacrifice that we should want to make, certainly if the only thing we have to do to aid its existence is stop looking at drawings of a banana.

It would be kind of a bummer if I never would’ve seen that Flinstone parody.

So, come on, let’s get rid of Warhol. We’ll do it together it’ll be fun.

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  1. Paturner says:

    Now both if these artists are pretentious assholes. They are both pop gods… Self proclaimed and otherwise. And honestly the works of both kanye and Warhol bug the hell out of me… But Jesus they’re brilliant. Now before you go and dismiss Warhol as an eccentric screen printer who got lucky you really should do a bit more research. Warhol produced music as well (the velvet underground). He was a film director, he was a glue that pulled together some of the greatest creative minds of his time. I believe tha he had such a large impact on pop culture that artist like kanye west may not even be relevant if warhol were forgotten. So as sad as missing out on the inevitable break up album word be I think we’d be much worse off sans Warhol. Seriously though look up some of his other stuff, ride the wiki wave and mad maybe your mind will also be swayed. Warhol was a pop pioneer… It’d be like loving Obama but forgetting about Lincoln.

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