Keith Olbermann Let Go; Chances Are Thinning That He Joins “The Hound”

TMZ – Keith Olbermann wanted out of Current TV well before he was fired yesterday because he felt the network was mismanaged and wouldn’t be around much longer … sources close to Keith tell TMZ.

As TMZ first reported, Keith is planning on filing a lawsuit against the network for his unceremonious dumping yesterday. He released a statement that said in part, “It goes almost without saying that the claims against me implied in Current’s statement are untrue and will be proved so in the legal actions I will be filing against them presently.”

According to our sources, Keith felt the network was a “ragtag operation” that was disorganized and felt thrown together. We’re told Keith felt the entire place was mismanaged … right down to the office supplies.

On one such occasion, we’re told the staff couldn’t use one of the printers because it was out of toner and they had none in supply. In a staff-wide email obtained by TMZ, a production administrator told the staff, “We expect to have replacement toner in tomorrow and will have a better stock on hand for the future. Sorry for the inconvenience.”

To Keith’s point … they couldn’t even fire him without a giant mistake. In Current TV’s press release to announce that Eliot Spitzer would be taking over for Olbermann, they provided a Twitter account for Spitzer that is not his. The real Eliot Spitzer doesn’t have a Twitter account.

I had Keith over last night to view the Hound headquarters. He and I go way back. I used to work in the cafeteria at ESPN, and I always gave him extra sloppy joe, so I kind of have an edge over networks and other possible venues for his talents.

He was mildly impressed I think at what we had to offer. There was a lot of beagle hair all over, but I still believe he felt like it was home. I told him there’s basically always diet coke and deli meat in the fridge, and the wifi almost never goes out. The trouble started, however, when we walked into the guest bedroom.

That’s where I keep the printer. He asked about toner. I couldn’t believe it. We were out of toner, and no back-ups in the desk drawer. I told that water dog of mine right away when we woke up this morning to walk down to Office Max, and get a replacement toner cartridge. What does he do? Eats dry dog food and lies around like he’s done for the day. Incredible. Little helpers? More like jerk dogs. Just cost us Olbermann, and probably got us sued cause I told Keith coming in that we were no “ragtag” operation, and that there’s so much toner we don’t know what to do with it. Have fun at the pound, water dog.

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