NFL Draft & Trivia…

NFL Draft Trivia

Can’t wait for tomorrow. Grand opening of a bar in our neighborhood, and hours of selections, banter, and pure speculation on who’s going to be the next Sunday “sure thing”. I love the NFL draft. Many fond memories of watching when I was younger. I often watched the draft with my friend, and I even recall doing our own mock drafts prior to the real thing. You’d think that was ridiculous, but my friend went on to be an actual sports writer and editor…Me, I went on to…well, I’m still working on that part.

My friend and I got to share in many lasting and traumatic memories. Like 1990. The Packers have picks #18 and #19. Looks like Emmitt Smith might fall into their hands. Nope, not quite. Picked by Dallas at #17. We got Tony Bennett and Darrell Thompson.

Or, how about 1989, the Pack’s pick of Tony Mandrich. Okay, you make bad picks, but that choice at #2 was in front of not only #3 Barry Sanders, but also #4 Derrick Thomas, and #5 Deion Sanders. Not to mention Aikman was taken in front of “The Incredible Bulk” (we all remember the Sports Illustrated article). Such is life as a fan when watching the perennial fun of the NFL Draft. Of course some of the horrid memories were balanced out by the Ron Wolf era for us cheesenuts.

Either way, the draft is really great stuff. I mean when else are you going to get so excited about watching highlights of your team possibly looking at a guy from Southwest Alabama Christian Academy A&M State?

Here’s some questions to get you ready for tomorrow night. They’re tough, but fun…


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