Reason #751 Why Professional Golfers Are So Good

If you and I shoot an octuple-bogey 12 on the third hole of any course it is safe to say that it’s gonna stick with us for a few holes. Combine that debacle with hitting a ball in the water on the last hole and finishing the round with a double-bogey, well, I can tell you the 19th hole would be filled with 15-year scotch….cause this guy, just shot 125.

Today, Sergio Garcia did exactly what I described above. He put 4 shots in the drink on the 3rd hole in the Cadillac Championship at Doral, Florida, on way to a 12 for the hole. He then proceeded (in the rain mind you) to finish up with a double-bogey on the 18th. So, what’d he card for the round? 100? 90? 85? Nope, a smooth 76. You and I (I’m making the giant assumption no pro golfer is reading the blog…yet), we get a 12, that immediately leads to a follow-up double most likely, and then the wheels just come off. That kind of round by Sergio is testament to just how good these guys are. I think that 76 at Doral with those two holes is an incredible feat. Even for a pro. Obviously these guys make shots that almost none of us can, but what they generally do better than the average golfer is handle the mental aspect in a far superior fashion, and that is arguably something that we all have the same control over. Hats off Sergio. Round of the day. Maybe of the month or year.

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