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It’s tough betting against arguably the best quarterback, and best coach of all time, but I’ve gotta do it. Denver -6 or less I think is a win against the Pats. I believe it’s Denver and Seattle Super Bowl coming up.

Verdict: Got this one right. Ultimately, however, in the spirit of transparency, I didn’t see the Seattle fun-fest that was to occur at the Super Bowl.

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There’s not one reason in the world to like the Browns over the Vikes this Sunday…..that is exactly why you take them. Either get ballsy and go moneyline, or take the 6 1/2, but either way it’s one of the those ‘hold your nose and make the pick’ winners.

VERDICT: OUtright victory for the Browns. Sweet, sweet cash. Thanks contrarian view.

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The Madness Winds Down

Too many jumping on the Michigan train. Time to fade the public, and take the Cardinals -4.

VERDICT: Victory. Usually don’t like taking the favorites, but when it goes against the trend, it makes sense.

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Po’ Boy

Sometimes when you’re on a roll you need to take a break. Hence, I did. This isn’t basketball where the big MO is on your side. You get on a roll in the gambling world you take a break. You take a break, or you make mistakes. After a short hiatus I come back with New Orleans +5 against the Celtics. Make me proud Pelicans.

VERDICT: Who knew Pelicans were so feisty? Nice work. Cover, and victory.

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Daily Double

Take the Heat -10 tonight against the Hawks. Seems high….there must be a reason (and yes, I know they’ve won 18 in a row. It’s still high).

And, for your daily double….take Charlotte +10 1/2 against the Celts.

VERDICT: Check, and check. Betting….it’s so easy, and it’s on computers now.

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Daddy Like…

Really like Golden State tonight. -3 against the Knicks. This is my kind of bet. Put your life savings on it and thank me later.

VERDICT: Life savings….doubled. Who was possibly gonna guard Stephen Curry? “You, Lieutenant Weinberg?”

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