Stone-Cold Locks
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in What? Don't You Worry About That!}

‘Detroit Basketball…’

You’ll be full of thanks like a southern kid goin’ home to Grandma’s for biscuits and gravy….Take the Pistons +3 1/2 tonight.

VERDICT: Victory (Covering that is, Pistons don’t actually win games). Thanks half point, much appreciated.

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Blackhawks finally get tired…

This is it. I was gonna fade the Hawks last game against the Wild, but got gun shy. Now, it’s time. Hawks lose tonight…the streak is over. Take the Av’s +190.

– VERDICT: Well, that didn’t work. How do you like stepping in front of a freight train? I’m starting to believe that this streak may be the Universe’s way of helping hockey become mainstream. I mean, last night was the first time I’ve used my Sportacular app to check a hockey score. It’s working Universe…..but how long are going to let this go on? Will they not fail once in getting a point the entire season; just so John Doe starts watching hockey with the Canadians?? We’ll see I guess.

Well, anyway, ‘I got bullied into that bet. Bullied, by the memory of a dead lawyer.’ Or, something like that.

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Take Utah tonight +4 1/2 against the Bucks. Too many points.

VERDICT: The Mormons always pay out nicely.

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Memphis -9 against Orlando tonight. Consider it an ATM.

VERDICT: PIN entered, and collected. Thanks Memphis.

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Something is fishy with Golden State only favored by 2 against Philly. The Hound’s rule is to hold your nose in these situations. Take Philly +2. I love GS, so this is a tough one to swallow.

VERDICT: You can now go back to underachieving for Doug Collins, and seeing if you can get Bynum to play 1 out of 82 games. Thanks for tonight though Philly.

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Indiana against the Clips tonight. The Hound is a backer of the Pacers to win the East, and to take on the Spurs in the Championship. So, in that vein, take the NBA’s Hoosiers -1 1/2 against L.A.

VERDICT: ‘You’re a lousy fuckin’ softball player, Indiana!’

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