The Bachelor: Shocking, He Chose The One He Thought Was Hotter (AKA Crazy)

Good ol’ Ben Flajnik couldn’t resist, and in the final installment of this season’s “The Bachelor” he chose the girl he thought was hotter. Which means he chose crazy. It’s been going on since guys were carrying around clubs and trying to nab those pesky and elusive saber-tooths. Hey, crazy is veiled with a beautiful bow, and little Benny just got reeled in. Hook, line, and sinker.

He thought he was doing the right thing. You could just see the wheels spinning in his head trying to justify why Courtney was the right one for him. Even though girls were almost literally hurling themselves off the show in an attempt to warn him that her screws were lying all over the contestant’s fortress he went ahead and got down on a knee. He ignored everything and actually convinced himself that proposing to her was in his best interest…And now, well, I’ll just quote The Emperor from the Star Wars Trilogy. “Oh no, my young Flajnik. You will find that it is you who are mistaken, about a great many things.”

As sure as my Water Dog likes raw chicken this guy is going to wake up one morning with a vital organ missing. The room will be dark, remnants of a surgery will remain, and Courtney will be tucked in the corner of the room with a malicious grin on her face. “I sold it, little Benny. I sold it for the family. You don’t need both kidneys, and I love you.” Welcome to the terrordome, Ben Flajnik. Welcome to boiled rabbitville.

Let’s take a nostalgic look back at how his venture began…

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