The Talented Bill Shorten

Such a simple interview, yet I laughed real nicely this Saturday morning. Thanks, Bill Shorten.

“I support what the prime minister has said.”

“But you don’t know what that is…”

“Well, I’m sure she’s right.”

In all seriousness. This is how Nazi shit starts. Politicians and people of the like that blindly follow what others think. I hope the Prime Minister said something outlandish like, “All of Australia should be exterminated.” Bill Shorten, your thoughts? “Yeah, that sounds about right to me.”

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  1. brenda batterton clark says:

    Shit, this is also why we (me and the mice in my pocket) lose so often. Put three lefties in a room and you will have at least four opinions. but the right wing can swing such a big di.. because they know how to tow the party line. ……and this guy is beyond expert at it. also, in Australia a union leader from the right wing? The land of Upside down indeed.
    Thanks for bringing to my attention and my first rant of the am.

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