What Makes the Red Man Red

Once again the politics of political correctness takes center field, albeit this time the 50-yard line, to play…football. The Washington Redskin’s owner, backed by his star quarterback, have denounced the politically-correct drumbeat of their team’s namesake and vowed “NEVER” to change the team’s name.

So, would this necessarily make the red man red? Shall we see? It seems that this is a Native-American-named club, which like all others, is staffed predominately of African Americans. In order to, once again, unbiasly solve another of our nations nagging no-nos, KanGo has lassoed the less-than-honorable Aryan Knight, “The Dixie Devil” hisself, off his high white horse to get his unique bigoted wisdom on this derogatory debate.

“Seems ta me son, that this boy, RPG-3…has got it all wrong. He says, ‘In a land of freedom, we are held hostage by the tyranny of political correctness.’ What’s that, a crap trap? Just who’s he tryin’ to kid. Freedom and black guys in the same sentence; come on…that’s an oxymoron. And what’s them savages got to do with Washington anyway. We whites, excuse me, Caucasians, chased them oudda there eons ago. Weren’t good fighters neither; couldn’t stand up to our fancy repeatin’ rifles any better than a ground hog. All for naught though,
’cause when the unpatriots freed all them blacks, they just replaced the injins anyway. That was also the beginning of the end of America’s dominate world order. We had it all back then! With free labor, we were on top of the world! Well, that eco-advantage has sure come back to haunt us now, don’t cha know! Seems to me, the supreme one here… excuse me one moment. Say Hun, you got the tar oudda my robe yet…I looked like a damn Dalmation at the last campfire; I have an unspotted image to uphold you know! That’s it, that’s it! Tar, the “Washington Tar Stars. Summon the Imperial Knights, for I have a solved the political correctness issue! From the gridiron to the hardwood courts, south of the Mason Dixon line anyway, I will be forever know as the “Supreme Solution.” I think a book or movie is in order, maybe even a regal reality show of sorts. Gawd bless this America! Naw, I best mount my white horse here. I sense another bad backlash and quite frankly, I’ve grown a weary wizard as I age, gain more wisdom and insight if you will. So, here’s the real deal, the perfect PC solution, all mustered up from the massa hisself: Being the supreme wizard of wayward ways…it was always here, right in front of my nose. This is Wershington, is it not? Then…how’s ’bout, drumroll please…’The Washington Waywards.’ There ya go! Damn, am I good or what? I should make a run for president. No better way to return us to our roots. There, how’s them their apples Mr. KanGo?”

Tower, KanGo, ready on runway 180-Left.

KGB, you’re clear on 180-left, enjoy the flight.

Color me gone,


About KanGo

Once upon a time, in a great, vast and diverse country, not so far away, there lived millions of normal people, known as "Ordinares." Also inhabiting this wondrous land and living amongst the Ordies, in not so perfect harmony, were the wanderers, deemed the "Dreamers." The Dreamers were dazed and restless but also highly innovative. The Ordies assumed they were all afflicted with some strange mental malady, for most suffered from inattentiveness and low self-esteem. A birth defect possibly or perhaps just a tall fall from a short crib at an early age initiated their inability to integrate into society. However, the Dreamers preferred this explanation for their quirky behavior: Born with racing brains, guided by misfiring neurons sparking sporadically and ricocheting throughout the vast but extremely creative front lobe, they endured a morose, mundane society contrived by the Ordinares. The mundane-minded Ordies encouraged the Dreamers to be medicated, but those who followed that ill-advised advice, lost their imaginative powers and essentially became..."them." However, most Dreamers elected to live drug-free and to sooth their savaged souls, many participated in thrill-seeking activities such as racing cars or flying planes. In the midst of all the chaos came a sense of peaceful serenity…and that was good. Among our most notable Dreamers were Albert Einstein who choose not to speak until he was four and Thomas Edison, not to mention most artists, comedians, musicians, writers and KanGo Vyrall.
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