Your Dollar Bill is Going to Look Different Soon…

It’s going to have a bunch of squiggles on it, by a guy who may or may not have a sprained ankle.

It appears that Jacob J. Lew is going to be appointed as the new Treasury Secretary by Mr. Obama. Here’s his apparent signature, with analysis via the New York Times….

who is jacob lew

Sheila Lowe (forensic handwriting analyst), looked deep into Mr. Lew’s calligraphic soul and determined:

‘He doesn’t want us to see a lot about him.

‘The soft roundedness of the letters show he can adapt quickly and make rapid changes, but he’s also self-protective. He doesn’t want people to see his private side.’

Ms Lowe added that the darker dot under the last loop either signifies Lew has a problem with his ankle – or it may just be the pen.

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